We offer 30+ years of experience working on commercial jobs throughout Michigan. Our licensed employees are trained to tackle even the most complex of commercial jobs. Some of our commercial services include: design build projects, ground up facilities, and additions and remodels.


We have completed a wide array of medical and institutional services. Some of our services are as follows: full-service surgery centers, corporate offices, assisted living centers, and nursing homes.


Our experience in completing industrial jobs is thorough, and we soar above the competition in terms of efficiency, professionalism, and job optimization. Some of our industrial services include: energy management, machine controls, and power and distribution.


Progressive Electric offers a wide range of generator services that span from full-facility generation to specific critical infrastructure generation.

Low Voltage (Fire Alarms/Building Automation)

Progressive Electric is skilled in the design and implementation of life safety systems, fire alarm notification services, and nurse call/camera and security systems.

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